Bronwyn McIvor is an artist and illustrator based in Vancouver.

Please contact me for further information on my art (sales, commissions, and general inquiries).

You can also find my work on Instagram @bronwynmcivor

My practice is focused on painting and drawing. After acquiring a foundation in classical painting, I attended Langara College’s Fine Arts program and completed my BFA at Emily Carr University.  

Throughout my practice, I have taken unusual angles on the classical subject of still life, focusing mainly on the detritus of food preparation rather than the prized objects showcased in the Dutch still lifes that continue to inspire me.  Created primarily in oils, my paintings monumentalize and enrich this overlooked everyday debris with sumptuous, bold colours, referencing the intensity of Caravaggio.  My work transforms the mundane, relishing its detail and its drama, and in the process animates it with unexpected vitality.  Commonplace foodstuffs become landscape, portrait, or strangely unrecognizable presences.  I hope that these depictions give the viewer pause to appreciate the surreal qualities of everyday life.