The Townsfolk: The Authors and their Stories

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Hannah Bakeris a former Vancouverite, and now works as a lawyer in the Northeastern U.S. She is able to cook, swim, drive a car, and do simple mathematics. Her writing has not been published elsewhere on the web. She wears glasses.

Her stories are:

Phil’s Eggs


The Visitation (with Adena Brons)

The Dreams of Mr. Squish

A Spring Story

The Guide

Trochylo’s Last Night in Town

Adena Brons has been an explorer, archer, author, librarian, troll-slayer, quester, archivist, princess, and readerShe first visited the Town many years ago, although she didn’t realize it at the time. Stories of other lands and characters can be found at Telegrams and messenger pigeons are unreliable so she recommends using @adenatamsin.

Her stories are:

Professor Wellington Walrus


Lady Grae



The Visitation (with Hannah Baker)


Dama Chasse and Behrn

Willowfred and Salma



Visitation Night

Mark McLean teaches in a Vancouver high school, and is the author of two self-published novels: Losing Dominion and The Atheist Who Went to Church. His writing usually focuses on relationships and dialogue, and other sexy things. He finds Bronwyn to be a delight, and is troubled by how enticed he is by her art.

His stories are:

Saarche and Lou

Bradley and Helicht

Jonathan Newell is a gothicist, geek, and weird fictioneer from the dense and dripping darkness of Vancouver. He holds a PhD in English from the University of British Columbia and has published articles on vampires, ghouls, cyborgs, and similarly scholarly subjects. He also writes ghost stories, runs roleplaying games, and draws intricate maps for said games; some of his work can be read and viewed on his infrequently-updated but inevitably-grotesque blog, You may contact him by sacrificing an albino goat on Walpurgisnacht and chanting his true-name seven times while pirouetting widdershins at the witching hour, or alternatively via Twitter @Edweirdian.

His stories are:

The Disgrace

The Kashygol Haikus

Lindsay Vermeulen has edited multiple works for publication, including magazine articles, web content, e-newsletters, and a novel. She loves chocolate, afternoon tea, and design with vintage appeal. See more of her work at

Her stories are:



Bill Radford is a teacher and writer living in Vancouver, Canada. He has an MFA and a B. Ed from the University of British Columbia. He primarily writes for younger readers, and his musings can be found online at

His stories are:

Does it Matter?

Matthew Brennan is a writer, editor, translator, and blogger from the Pacific northwest. His work has received several awards and fellowships, and more than sixty of his short fictions and poetry translations have been published in journals, including The Citron Review, SmokeLong Quarterly, Emerge Literary Journal, The Los Angeles Review, and Superstition Review. He earned his MFA in fiction at Arizona State University.     @MatthewBrennan7

His stories are:

The Lamplighter


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